Amazon Cloud Drive Windows Client

//Amazon Cloud Drive Windows Client

Amazon Cloud Drive Windows Client

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Amazon Cloud Drive is your place for everything digital. Cloud Drive offers free mobile apps, secure access from any computer, and it’s built in to your Amazon devices—so you can access your digital content everywhere you are.

When it comes to files hosting I trust amazon based on my previous experiences, and based on the cheap offers they have.

Also there are many file hosting web services are bases on Amazon cloud hosting and file hosting such as Dropbox which is built on Amazon S3.

So when Amazon released the Cloud drive, I signed up and started using their website, but it is not allowed to upload big files (larger than 2GB) through the website.

And for that reason I download the windows client application,

Downloaded and installed successfully on a windows 8.1 machine.

BUT: when I started to upload or download a file:

– If the file is big or trying to upload a folder, the application get closed without any error messages.

– If I am uploading a single small file an error message appear “this folder/file failed to upload”.

-If I am downloading a file, nothing happen, it just don’t download it.


On this windows 8.1 machine there are just windows defender anti virus running which is not blocking anything.


To solve this Issue we need to allow this application in Firewall like this

or using the following steps:

1- Open control panel

2- Windows Firewall

3- Turn windows firewall on and off

4- Select Inbound rules

5- From the right side actions click: New Rule

6- Select Program and next

7-  Browse for “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Amazon\Cloud Drive\AmazonCloudDrive.exe”

8- Allow connections.

9- Based on security needs select from or all “Domain”, “Private” and “Public”

10- Add a name, something like “Amazon Cloud Drive Rule” and finish

11- Go to Outbound Rules

12- Do the same as we did for Inbound Rules starting from point #5


These steps will make a rule in your Firewall to allow Amazon Cloud Drive to upload and download files.

Now start uploading/downloading files and It should work.


Also I believe that others may face the same issue because of their antiviruses and should create an exception rule to allow this application.

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